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Studio Cymbals I

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STUDIO CYMBALS I | Formerly known as Custom Pack 1 & 2 (Cymbals Only)

The best and most comprehensive Meinl Byzance cymbal sample library.

What is included?

7" Byzance Splash
8" Byzance Splash
12" Gen X Mini China
14" Gen X Mini China
14" Byzance Brilliant Hats
14" Byzance Dry Hats
16" Traditional Crash
16" Vintage Crash
18" Traditional Crash
18" Traditional Crash
18" Dry China
19" Byzance Crash
20" MB20 Crash
18" Brilliant China
20" X Dry Ride
20" Vintage Dry Ride

All cymbals are interchangeable and able to be mixed individually within the NKI.


*WAV & NKI Formats. Multi-sampled, multi-velocity, multi-articulation. Recorded at Aubitt Studios, UK.*

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